Pooch Patch a Natural Grass Patch for Your Dog

Cronus, a Chorkie, likes his new Pooch Patch.
Cronus, a Chorkie, likes his new Pooch Patch.

By Sonja Cloutier

Living in a condo or apartment in Toronto has become for many the only living option available (at a reasonable price) and for many, these condos and apartments don’t even come with balconies! This doesn’t leave many options for pet owners since having to take their pets out regularly just to go pee can become very time consuming. Luckily, I do have a balcony, but during the summer months, having my little pooch relieve himself on the balcony isn’t the most pleasant of things (let’s just say “it stinks”). So when I heard of Pooch Patch, I had to try it.

Pooch Patch is an indoor patch of grass for your dog.
Pooch Patch is an indoor patch of grass for your dog.

Cronus, my four pound Chorkie, wasn’t so sure about Pooch Patch when I first introduced him to it – he gave it a quick sniff and began to shake uncontrollably (a typical Chihuahua trait). I don’t think he knew what to do with it as he wasn’t used to seeing grass on his balcony.

Cronus sniffs his new Pooch Patch.
Cronus sniffs his new Pooch Patch.

The next time I let him out he seemed happy it was there, got cozy and began to eat the grass (although that wasn’t the reason it was there!) He has used the patch a few times, but unless I watch him, he tends to roam back over to his usual territory. I think that it will take some time to train him into using the patch solely, but I love the idea and they provide useful tips in the pamphlet to help with this process.

Pooch Patch Regular is 18" x 24"
Pooch Patch Regular is 18″ x 24″

Now, to get to the nitty gritty. My balcony doesn’t have an overhang and therefore, when it rains, everything gets wet. This includes Pooch Patch, which did not hold up well to the last bout of heavy rain we received. The box became soggy; however, I realize that Pooch Patch is meant to be used indoors so inclement weather will not be an issue. [Update: I have just been advised that there is a cedar box option of Pooch Patch for pets who want to use Pooch Patch outdoors.] I love that Pooch Patch is a local company that delivers fresh pieces of Ontario-grown sod right to your door (how can it get any better?). I also love that it is an environmentally-friendly alternative to puppy pads, which are horrible for the environment!

Cronus, a Chorkie, likes his new Pooch Patch.
Cronus, a Chorkie, likes his new Pooch Patch.

I will definitely be ordering another patch for Cronus shortly. (FYI: It has been two weeks since I received Pooch Patch and it is still healthy and green.)

Pooch Patch
• Comes in two sizes: Regular 18″ x 24″, $32.95 + tax and XL 24″ x 36″, $42.95 plus tax;
• Free Canada-wide shipping;
• Deliveries take place from Monday to Wednesday each week – No signature required;
• You can skip weeks, cancel anytime or change the frequency of deliveries.



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