Broadview Bakery in Riverdale Serves Homemade Indian Food

Samosas and Pakoras from Broadview Bakery in Riverdale
Samosas and Pakoras from Broadview Bakery
Samosas and Pakoras from Broadview Bakery in Riverdale
Samosas and Pakoras from Broadview Bakery

You’ll find a little gem of a bakery located a few storefronts east of Broadview Avenue on Queen Street East. Riverside locals know that Broadview Bakery and Deli serves freshly baked goods including breads, croissants and bagels baked in-store on a daily basis, as well as deli staples. But the secret is their fabulous homemade Indian food.

Each day, you’ll find a different Indian dish prepared at this mom-and-pop-owned bakery. On Tuesday and Thursday, Butter Chicken is on the menu while Chicken Curry is made fresh on Wednesdays. Lentil dahl is available on Friday while Saturday’s homemade dish is a surprise. Chicken Biryani ($7) is made with kidney beans, onion, green pepper, curry and chili and comes with basmati rice and homemade pita. It’s a huge portion for the price so you may find you have leftovers for another meal. There’s a good kick from the spices, yet the dish is not too hot for most tastebuds. 

Chicken Biryani from Broadview Bakery at 728 Queen St. E.
Chicken Biryani, basmati rice and pita from Broadview Bakery

Don’t leave without buying a few of their samosas or pakoras, which are $1.25 each. Broadview Bakery’s samosas are larger than most samosas and are deep-fried in a light, flaky batter and stuffed with carrots, peas, onions and potatoes. The patty-shaped pakoras are made with beans, peas and carrots and are fried without being too greasy. These are some of the best pakoras I have had.

If you’re hanging out in the Broadview Queen area, definitely stop by Broadview Bakery for some of the best Indian food in Toronto.

Broadview Bakery and Deli, 728 Queen Street East, 416-466-2118

Broadview Bakery and Deli, 728 Queen St. E.
Broadview Bakery and Deli, Riverside