How To Decorate Your New Home

HomeSense sells stylish, inexpensive home decor, photo courtesy HomeSense.
HomeSense sells stylish, inexpensive home decor, photo courtesy HomeSense.

If you or your partner are finding it difficult to tackle decorating your new home, you don’t need to stress about it! Home décor can be very simple. Research, a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of inspiration is all that you need to get your new home looking great. We have put together a list of ideas that can help you address your new home décor problems. Don’t be at loggerheads with your partner while you decorate your new home. Hey, decorating should be fun! Read further to find out how to decorate your new home and watch your home transform with ease. 

Look on Pinterest for home decor ideas.
Look on Pinterest for home decor ideas.

Look for Inspiration Before Hitting the Décor Stores

The first and most essential thing that you need to do is find inspiration before you start decorating your new home. Flip through interior décor magazines, look at home décor photos on Pinterest, browse through online interior décor portals, visit home-style restaurants with beautiful interiors and visit friends’ homes for décor ideas. Getting inspiration from different sources will give you an idea of the kind of décor you want to have in your own home.

Browse Through Multiple Stores Before Purchasing

Another thing that you need to do before you start making home décor purchases is browse through multiple stores. This way, you will be more aware of the available options of home décor products on the market, and it will be easier to figure out exactly what you want. If you start making purchases in the first store you enter, you will probably end up regretting your purchase when you see something more suitable in another store.

Hire an Interior Decorator

Well, the professionals are there for a reason. No matter how creative you or your partner may be, taking the opinion of an interior decorator is always safer in the long run. When I first consulted with an interior decorator, I learned that you should decorate a room with a maximum of three colours. This isn’t as limiting as you might think because you can create variety by incorporating, for example, striped pillows or patterned rugs containing two or three of your chosen colours. When consulting with an interior decorator, make sure that you convey your personal ideas that you have for your home. Your interior decorator will be able to incorporate your personal taste while guiding you on what home décor will work for the layout of your home and what should be avoided.

Interior decorators recommend using a maximum of three colours when decorating a room.
Interior decorators recommend using a maximum of three colours when decorating a room.

Shop for Home Décor at Bargain Shops

Now you need to keep in mind that just because you have liked a particular item in one store, it doesn’t mean that the same item won’t be available in another store and at perhaps half the price. Often, branded pieces of furniture are absurdly priced, but the exact piece of furniture will be available at a non-branded store at a much more affordable price. So make sure that you visit the best bargain shops when making purchases. Stores in Toronto that you might want to visit for affordable home décor include Leon’s, HomeSense, Parliament Furniture, IKEA and Winners.

Consider Installing Faux Plants and Trees

Installing faux trees and plants, artificial foliage, artificial flowers, faux boxwood mat options and other artificial landscaping products in your new home can really make your place look charming. You can even consider installing faux fall tree options in your backyard or on your porch. If you want to give the interior of your home a mystical and outdoorsy vibe, you can consider installing artificial vines around the living room. If your new home has a beautiful and large terrace, you can also put a faux moss carpet on the terrace to give it a gorgeous and unique look.

HomeSense sells stylish, inexpensive home decor, photo courtesy HomeSense.
HomeSense sells stylish, inexpensive home decor, photo courtesy HomeSense.

Select the Best and Most Affordable Contractors

Getting the interior of your home done can be a little complex if you haven’t already got tiles installed and or painting finished. If you need to do everything from scratch, then you should definitely hire a contractor for the job. You can get a painting contractor to handle the paint job. The tiling work can be completed by an affordable yet dependable tiling contractor. If you haven’t selected your tiles and paints already, then you need to check out samples, visit tile stores and see what best suits your taste and preference.

Communicate with Your Partner

Besides finding items, hiring contractors and visiting stores, you need to have open communication with your partner. It is possible that you and your partner may not share similar tastes in home decor. For instance, you have your heart set on a dramatic window treatment while your partner likes a particular lounge chair. This may require a bit of give-and-take on each partner’s behalf.  Whatever you decide, make sure that you go shopping for items together so that one person alone doesn’t finalize the interior décor products.

Decorating your new home can be easy. You and your partner can complete the entire project and transform you home into something that looks right out of a magazine by following the above suggestions. Hopefully the above tips on how to decorate your new home were helpful.


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